The New Library is a project born out of the necessity to archive everything that’s produced by the GDA department.

Every day GDA students produce work. We publish publications, thesis’, internship and exchange reports, posters, installations and films. Unfortunately, most of it disappears; into archive boxes and underneath student beds.

Impact, activities and output
A Growing collection of publications on display in the Library The Class librarians will work as a mediator between their peers and the Library. They will actively search for relevant publications — by talking to their class mates, reading publications and reviews of publications, by following the output of publishers, by delving into any secondhand shop they come across. Librarians can propose new publications to be added to the collection by presenting the publication to the group and by making a case for it.

The New Library is a project from Graphic Design department of ArtEZ Arnhem. Initiated by Joris Maltha and Remco van Bladel, designed by Doğa Deniz Gönüllü, Polina Titova and Janine Zielman, coded by Janine Zielman. Typefaces: Avara and Jet Brains Mono.